Friday, 21 July 2017

What's Coming Up (Wc 04.09.2017)

September 2017
Inset Day
Mon 04
Autumn Term Begins

Year 5 Pupils Only Start at 8.30am

Years 6, 7 and 8 Pupils Start at 9.55am

Tues 05

Greneway's News

Monday 17th July

The Lion King
Following the amazing performances at the recent production of The Lion King, the school (and Mrs Crosby and her team) have received many letters of appreciation, complimenting the quality of the show.  Below, is just one of the many letters received:

Dear Greneway,

I would just like to say a huge thank you for a fantastic evening of entertainment on Friday night. We came to see our grand daughter perform in Lion King and I honestly don't know what we were expecting, but we were stunned at the level of professionalism. What an achievement! We are under no illusion as to the amount of hard work that went into getting the pupils ready to put on such a wonderful show.

The other thing that struck us was the beautiful displays in the reception area. So much thought obviously went into every last detail of hosting the production.

These are our granddaughter's final weeks at Greneway, and it's a wonderful end to her 4 years with the school.

Thank you once again for a night to remember!

Thank you for the positive feedback which is greatly appreciated and to all of the audiences, volunteers and parent/carer helpers who ensured that the show could go on!

Friends of Greneway
Congratulations to the Friends of Greneway who have raised more than £5000 to enhance experiences/facilities for all pupils at Greneway this year. Their work is greatly valued by pupils and staff alike.  Many thanks to all parents/carers who make the difference to the experiences of pupils at Greneway.   @FriendsofGrenew  

A special thank you must go to Liz Kershaw, Helen Mason and Fiona Hill who have given so generously of their time whilst their children have been at Greneway, raising money in so many different ways to make Greneway a better place for all pupils.  Their enthusiasm, drive and amazing organisational skills  will be missed

Lyme Disease
A recent visitor to school asked us to highlight the dangers of Lyme Disease which is especially prevalent in heath and woodland areas.  To find out more:

Summer Reading Challenge

Hertfordshire Library Services launched the summer reading challenge last Saturday (15th July).  To get involved, pupils need to:

        Visit their local library for a free starter pack from Saturday 15 July.
        Read 6 library books of their choice - story books, fact books, talking books and e-books all count!        Return to the library to tell our friendly staff what they thought of the books.
        Visit for more games and surprises.

Prizes include:

        For every 2 books they read, they'll collect stickers to solve the Animal Agents' mystery!
        Read all 6 books to receive a medal and certificate.
        Finish by 9 September for the chance to win a ticket to an exclusive author event during October half-term.

Tuesday 18th July

Yr 5&6 and Yr 7&8 Celebrations Assemblies
Celebrations Assemblies for year 5&6  and year 7&8 pupils have been held this week to acknowledge the many achievements of the pupils.  Certificates were given out for vast array of reasons, ranging from participation in The Lion King, The Greneway Bake Off and Djembe to 100% attendance, a variety of sporting challenges and the UK Maths Challenge.  Pupils who have worked hard to get the most house points this term, also received a certificate of recognition.  Well done to all our pupils who have all achieved personal bests over the course of the year.


Wednesday 19th July

Year 8 Celebrations Evening
One of the highlights of the school year is always the Year 8 Celebrations Evening.  The event is a formal recognition of the progress (both academic and social/emotional) made by pupils over their four years at Greneway.  Certificates were given in a range of categories recognizing progress and excellence in teams, citizenship roles and academic achievement. A complete list of winners is shown below:

The evening ended with the traditional year 8 movie which shared photographic highlights of their journey through Greneway.  Many thanks to Mr Judge for all his hard work in compiling the movie.

Thursday 20th July

Greneway Allotment
It has been a successful growing season on the Greneway Allotment this year.  A good crop of courgettes and potatoes have already been harvested and tomatoes and pumpkins are well on their way.  

Well done to all pupils who have planted, weeded, watered and harvested this year.

Friday 21st July

Charity Donations
Over the school year, pupils (with the support of staff, parents and carers) have raised a record amount for charity.

This is an amazing £1235 more than last year.  Thank you to all who supported and donated to these fund raising activities.

House winners
This year, all pupils have worked hard to gather achievement points. Pupils can earn points in recognition of (amongst other achievements) excellent work in class, outstanding behaviour or displaying citizenship skills.

Results for this school year are shown below, with Rose being the winning house.


School Meals 2017/18
From September 2017 the cost of a school meal will be £2.60, please ensure your child/ren have enough money on their meal accounts for when they return to school on Tuesday 5th September.

Babies, babies, babies…
Greneway has experienced its very own baby boom this year!  Miss Needham had a baby girl on Monday - name undecided but we understand mother and baby are doing well.

Miss Scoot’s baby was born today!  Baby Ellie and Mum are both doing well.  Miss Brothwell starts her maternity leave today as she is expecting her baby in September.  Mrs Williams will be starting her maternity leave at the end of September.

We wish them well in the coming months and look forward to meeting their children.

Friday sees Greneway saying goodbye to our year 8 pupils as they make their transition to their upper school.  The Leavers disco will be the final event for our Year 8s and a good start to the summer holiday. Thanks again to FoGS for funding this and Mr Judge for organising the disco. We wish Year 8 (and pupils leaving from other year groups) well and look forward to following their progress in the future.

Thank you
As the school year draws to a close, staff and governors at Greneway wish our pupils and parents/carers a relaxing summer where batteries can be recharged for the year ahead. We want to say a massive thank you for all the support you give to the school to ensure that our pupils have the best possible educational experiences

This year has included external validation by Ofsted that we are a highly successful school and we appreciate the role that you have played in this process.

New School Year 2017/2018

Autumn term begins on Tuesday 5th September 2017

Year 5 Pupils Only Start at 8.30am

Years 6, 7 and 8 Pupils Start at 9.55am

Book of the Week

If you enjoy….Adventure

When Serafina, a mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea, awakens on the morning of her betrothal, her biggest worry should be about reuniting with handsome Prince Mahdi, her childhood crush. Instead she finds herself haunted by strange dreams foretelling the return of an ancient evil, and dealing with the deaths of her parents as assassins storm the betrothal ceremony, plunging the city into chaos.
Led only by her shadowy dreams and pursued by the invading army, Serafina and her best friend Neela embark on a quest to avenge her parents' death and prevent a war between the mer nations. In the process they discover a plot that threatens their - and our - world's very existence.

A fantastic adventure series that will appeal to fans of Percy Jackson.  Suitable for all year groups but due to the complexity of the made up language might be better suited to years 7 and 8.

Essential E-Safety

Friday, 14 July 2017

What's Coming Up (Wc 17.07.2017)

July 2017
Sportsday Track Finals

Library After Hours
Tues 18
Year 8 Celebration Evening
Weds 19
Term Ends at 1300

Year 8 Leavers Disco
Fri 21
September 2017
Inset Day
Mon 04
Autumn Term Begins

Year 5 Pupils Only Start at 8.30am

Years 6, 7 and 8 Pupils Start at 9.55am

Tues 05

Greneway's News

Monday 10th July

Ninja Warrior
The hotly contested Ninja Warrior Final was held on Friday where the 33 pupils that completed the first round competed to be crowned Ninja warrior 2017: 12 of them finishing the course. Certificates were presented to all that completed the course and the trophy was handed over to the new champion, Jamie (Yr8) who completed the course in an amazing 1.28.89

Tuesday 11th July

Track Finals
Due to an awful weather forecast, and lessons learnt from last year, it has been decided to postpone the Track Finals until Tuesday 18th July (11 - 1) in the hope that the weather will improve!  During the heats, a school record was broken - congratulations to Joel McCormack who ran 46.10 seconds in the 300m for a FOUR second record improvement!

Parents are invited to attend if they wish - please be aware that on-site parking will not be available. 

Spectators are welcome to arrive from 10.45am and enter via the Y5/6 main gate (please bring your own chairs as school chairs will still be in use in classrooms).

Wednesday 12th July

Meridian Performing Arts
More than 40 musicians from across all year groups spent a day at Meridian on Wednesday taking part in an arts enrichment activity: The Big Play. It proved to be a fantastic day with the joint orchestras of Greneway, Roysia and Meridian performing to a very receptive audience.  Many thanks to Mrs Warburton and the staff and pupils of Meridian for hosting such a great day. 

Thursday 13th July

Transition Day
Greneway was very pleased to welcome 120 new year 5 pupils to spend the day with us on Thursday’s Transition Day.  Pupils had the opportunity to work alongside the new year 5 team and get to know their new classmates.

Ear Piercing
A quick reminder - if you are thinking of allowing your child to have their ears pierced, please could that be done at the start of the holidays to allow for an adequate healing time before they return to school.  Earrings should not be worn to school for health and safety reasons.

Inhalers/EpiPens/Jext Pens
If your child has one of the above stored in school, please collect before the end of term. It is important to ensure that, when it is returned in September, it is in date ready for the new school year.

Lost Property 
There is a lot of valuable lost property left in school.  If your child has lost a watch, phone, glasses, jewellery etc, please ask at the school office.

Pupils will have brought home their end of year report on Friday.  This is a summary of the pupils’ year’s work.  Please complete the receipt slip and return it to school.

School Meals 2017/18
From September 2017 the cost of a school meal will be £2.60, please ensure your child/ren have enough money on their meal accounts for when they return to school on Tuesday 5th September.

Please ensure that all meal debts are settled by Wednesday 19th July.  Texts are sent home daily to advise parents if their child has incurred a dinner debt

New School Year 2017/2018

Autumn term begins on Tuesday 5th September 2017

Year 5 Pupils Only Start at 8.30am

Years 6, 7 and 8 Pupils Start at 9.55am

Book of the Week
If you enjoy….humorous football stories

Charlie loves football. He watches it, memorizes facts about it, and he's even the captain of the local youth team, North Star Galaxy.

When Charlie discovers that youth teams are being selected to play in exhibition matches at the World Cup tournament later that year he decides to enter North Star. There's one problem. He's got to prove that North Star deserve a place at the tournament and that's not easy when your team are kind of rubbish at football!
This humorous story is the first in a two part series that is sure to appeal to fans of football.  Suitable for all year groups but year 5 and 6 students might appreciate it the most.

Essential E-Safety

1 in every 5 parents think that there are no age requirements for joining a social media site and most parents in the UK have no idea whether their children are old enough to have a social media account. 

Most social media sites have an age requirement of 13 years.

Here are some Top Tips for Parents/Carers:

  •           Show them how to set privacy settings at the strongest level. Sites can change privacy settings so make sure you stay up to date with them.

  •           Report people and inappropriate conversations to the site administrator via the ‘help’ or ‘report’ tab (if available) and always keep a copy of the conversation as evidence.

  •           Teach your child how to block or ignore people on social networking sites and online games, and support them in knowing what they can do if someone makes them feel uncomfortable.

  •           Set boundaries about which sites they can use and for how long. Try to do this when they first start using social networking sites, so they get used to it from a young age.

  •           Teach your child never to share any personal details – this includes their password, real name, address and their school.

Friends of Greneway School

The Friends of Greneway would like to thank all pupils, parents, carers, staff and governors for their wonderful support over this academic year.

FoGS has had a very successful year, raising over £5,000 and spending it on a wide range of resources to benefit pupils throughout the school.  Key items purchased this year include:
  •          Lego
  •          MP3 players
  •         Tiles from Glazed Creations
  •        Staging Blocks for the drama studio and school productions
  •          Funding for a two year Digital Leaders Programme
  •          Crew T-Shirts for school productions
  •          New outdoor benches
  •          Funding of the year 8 Leavers’ Disco

Of course, this would not be possible without the support of the whole school community, and, for this, we are very grateful.

Looking ahead to the academic year 2017-2018, the FoGS team is losing a third of its members, as their children are moving on to upper school.  Those that remain are committed to ensuring that the fun events are still organised for pupils, including discos and the film night, and they will be holding the popular and locally renowned Christmas Market once again.  However, they really need some more parents/carers to come forward and help them to organise and man these events.

If you can spare just a few hours here and there, and would like to support your children during their time at Greneway and ensure that they benefit from the additional resources that FoGS provides, please email  They would love to hear from you and will give you a genuinely warm welcome. 

With all best wishes for a lovely summer break.

The FoGS team

Lion King DVD/Photograph Reminder