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What's Coming Up (Wc 29.05.2017)

May 2017
Half Term
Mon 29
June 2017
Summer Term Continues
Mon 05
Yr 8 France School Journey Week
Mon 12
Yr 6 IOW School Journey Week
Mon 19
Library After Hours
Tues 27

July 2017
Bake Off Final
New Parents Evening
Mon 03
The Lion King
Thurs 06
The Lion King
Fri 07
The Lion King
Thurs 06
Sportsday Track Finals
Tues 11
Fri 14
Library After Hours
Tues 18
Year 8 Celebration Evening
Weds 19
Term Ends at 1300

Year 8 Leavers Disco
Fri 21

Greneway's News

Monday 22nd May
Themed Assembly Week

Following a visit last week from Monika Koziara (Amey’s Waste Education Officer in conjunction with Hert’s Household Waste Recycling), pupils have had a focus of recycling for their themed assemblies this week.  There has also been the opportunity for pupils to meet in their house groups to find out more about sustainability and their own role in recycling.

Wednesday 24th May
Year 6 Journey to the Isle of Wight
The hall was packed on Wednesday evening with parents/carers who were being updated on the final arrangements for the upcoming trip to the Isle of Wight. 
Copies of the presentation shared, and other relevant information, can be found on the parent page of the school website.

Thursday 25th May
Open Afternoon
We were delighted to welcome so many parents, friends and families and for our annual Open Afternoon on Thursday.   Pupils were able to share their work from across the year.  It is always good to see how proud pupils and parents/carers are of work completed.

Thank you to all parents/carers who filled out a survey about home/school communication.  If there is anything further you wish to add, or you didn’t get a chance to fill in a response, please contact:

Friday 26th May
School Election
Pupils gathered in the hall today to hear the manifestos of the parties standing for election at Greneway.  Around school, pupils have placed posters sharing their key aims and some of their election pledges - these are many and varied from giving each child in year 7 and 8 a Chromebook to finishing school earlier on a Friday. Parties standing are named: UNITY, PROGRESS, TRANSFORM, VISION and TOMORROW.

We wish them well with their campaigns and look forward to the Greneway Elections on Thursday, 8th June.

We wish everyone a safe and happy half term break.

Book of the Week
If you enjoy….football stories with a twist
What happens when eleven llamas unknowingly eat the ashes of one of the greatest footballers of all time? They become brilliant at football, of course! Managed by eleven-year-old Tim, his unusual friend Cairo and Scottish World Cup-winner McCloud (yes that *happened* apparently), Llama United goes on an amazing cup run. But who wants to lose to a team of stupid llamas? Nobody, that's who!

Rival teams will do anything in their power to stop Llama United in its tracks. When the best cup in the world is at stake, football can be a nasty old business . . .
This humorous football adventure is the debut book of author Scott Allen.  Although suitable for all year groups year 5 and 6 students might appreciate it the most.

Essential E-Safety

Have you seen the Internet Matters APP?
It is freely downloadable and is designed to help parents talk to their children (8-10 year olds) about eSafety issues.  There are a number of games and activities to engage children and help parents/carers to have important conversations about how to stay safe online.

Find out more here.

PE Timetable - 2nd half Summer Term 2017

Greneway Year 8 Sports Leaders Lead Inspiring Cricket Festival

Looking to be the next Charlotte Edwards   or Alistair Cook, nearly two hundred Year 3 and 4 pupils from Icknield Walk and Studlands Rise and Reed First and St.Mary’s RC Primary Schools participated in a Kwik Cricket Festival at Greneway School on Thursday, May 11th. On a pleasantly warm afternoon the children took part in coaching sessions and small ‘double wicket’ matches. The central foci were enjoyment, skill development and team-working.

The whole event was expertly organised and run by Greneway’s Year 8 Young Sports Leaders. This festival is part of their programme and follows on after they have just helped Mr Graves and Greneway SSCo: Mr Dowler  to organise and run a Tag Rugby Festival for Years 3 and 4 from the same schools. This latest event was also extremely well-received by all concerned and enabled the young sports leaders further development. The programme has once again been supported by the NE Herts School Sport Partnership.

The comments on the day included:

“I really enjoyed playing cricket” (Year 4 pupil).

“Our coaches (leaders) really helped us” (Year 4 pupil).

“I can now bat properly” (Year 4 pupil).

“It is refreshing to see all the children work so well together” (Teacher)

“I love leading and coaching” (Young Sports Leader)

“The key was to have fun actively learning and all the children certainly did just that, from the players to the Sports Leaders. A superb example of what can be achieved with young people working together to develop high quality learning” (Terry Graves, Greneway Assistant Headteacher)

“This is another example of sport and young people learning and making a difference”
(Rob Dowler, SSCO and Greneway PE teacher)

“It was a pleasure seeing our Year 8 Sports Leaders in action and to witness such high order, life-long, transferable citizenship skills benefiting so many young people”.
 (Laura Rawlings, Greneway Headteacher)

Jo Prior (NEHerts School Sport Partnership Manager) summed up

“ I believe that this was the eleventh annual such festival run by Greneway’s sports leaders and it was heart-warming to see so many young people enjoying such a wonderful learning opportunity, reinforcing learning in, and through, PE and school sport”  

‘Greneway is one of the best schools in the Country’

Re-accreditation of National PE Quality Mark Distinction for ‘Outstanding’ Greneway

After a rigorous assessment process, Greneway school joins a very elite group of schools who have been re-awarded an afPE (Association for Physical Education) Quality Mark with Distinction – the highest level – for ‘demonstrating outstanding commitment to improvement in Physical Education and Sport’.

Mike Crichton ( afPE Quality Mark Assessor) stated to the validation panel that

“Greneway is without doubt one of the best schools in the country.”

He added “High quality physical education and sport makes a difference to the learning and experiences of children and young people both within the subject and more widely across the curriculum. The afPE Quality Mark recognises this”.

Sue Wilkinson MBE, afPE Chief Executive said in the confirmation letter to the school.

“The assessment panel…together with the feedback from the validation visit (reinforces) that PE at Greneway is still ‘outstanding’. On behalf of the Association, I would like to offer you our congratulations”

An afPE Quality Mark with Distinction award:

·         Recognises outstanding practice and innovation in physical education and sport
·         Recognises best practice in physical education and sport and provides a platform for sharing excellence and success
·         Celebrates excellence in the organisation, management and delivery of physical education and sport
·         Ensures rigour and sustainability in the planning, monitoring and continuous development of high quality physical education and sport
·         Raises the profile of physical education and sport at a local, regional and national level
·         Involves individuals and groups in recording and celebrating success so that the school ‘stands out from the crowd’
·         Promotes a positive message to the local community

An ecstatic Terry Graves (Assistant Headteacher/Leader of PE), who
co-ordinated the process of assessment, said that:

“This prestigious re-awarding - at ‘Distinction’ level - is the result of consistently outstanding teamwork at Greneway and beyond over many years. It is also further testimony to the continued importance physical education and school sport plays as part of our broad and balanced curriculum which develops the whole child.”

A very pleased Headteacher, Laura Rawlings concluded,

“This is a wonderful, national achievement for TEAM Greneway, our many partners and Royston, recognising and celebrating the importance of physical education and school sport and reinforcing our consistent PE legacy with our CRISP mindset at its core”.

Last word to Mike Crichton

“A thoroughly deserving school of this prestigious award. Greneway school has a continuous and outstanding commitment to improvement.”

Thursday, 25 May 2017

"School Keep Clear" Reminder

Reminder of renewals of Free School Meals and Music Remission

Hertfordshire will running their annual renewals process for Free School Meals and 100% Music remission of fees on 1st June.

You will be contacted, by Hertfordshire, if you are no longer eligible.

No need to reapply for help with the cost of music lessons (100% funding).  If you have a child at Greneway School who is currently receiving 100% music remission as well as free school meals, the music eligibility will be renewed along with their free school meal. But please note:

• those parents will still need to check availability of music lessons with schools directly

• anyone receiving 50% music should re-apply from 7th June 2017 via

Support Group

Friday, 19 May 2017

What's Coming Up (Wc 22.05.2017)

May 2017
IOW School Journey Parents Meeting
Weds 24
Open Afternoon
Thurs 25
Half Term
Mon 29
June 2017
Summer Term Continues
Mon 05
Yr 8 France School Journey Week
Mon 12
Yr 6 IOW School Journey Week
Mon 19
Library After Hours
Tues 27

Greneway's News

Monday 15th May

Great Greneway Bake Off - semi final

Our amazing bakers were at work again on Monday cooking up treats with the one aim in mind: getting to the final of the Great Greneway Bake Off.  Bakers had the task of baking a batch of brownies.  The bakers had proved to be very inventive with some interesting variations on a chocolate brownie including salted caramel, mint chocolate and coffee and walnut. The smell and taste was delicious and it proved difficult for the judges to decide which baker should go through to the final.  The star bakers from this round were: Kara (Yr5) with her dark chocolate brownies and Sophie (Yr6) with her salted caramel brownies.  Thank you to Mrs Smith for coordinating the Bake Off.

Guest Speaker in assembly - Monika Koziara - Sustainability
It was a pleasure to welcome Monika Koziara to Greneway on Monday.  With an expertise in sustainability, Ms Koziara (Amey’s Waste Education Officer in conjunction with Hert’s Household Waste Recycling) worked alongside two year 6 classes and then led a whole school assembly on the theme giving pupils lots of ideas about how they can recycle many household items.

Year 5 School Journey to Norfolk Lakes
Year 5 arrived back from Norfolk Lakes after a fantastic but tiring week.  As we are sure you are aware, we are grateful to parents who volunteer to come on school journeys with us and feel sure that you will be interested to hear about the trip from a parental helper point of view.

Before we set off on the coaches, most of the parents I spoke to thought I was slightly mad by volunteering my time and energy to join the children on their big adventure. There were plenty of wry smiles and "what have you let yourself in for" comments and looks. Having joined my eldest daughter on a similar trip to Shropshire three years prior, I knew that I was the lucky one but you never know how it may unfold! Yes, I knew I was in for an exhausting trip, but I also knew that I was about to experience a trip of a life time with my daughter, and to be able to share those experiences with her was going to be absolutely priceless.

I was on Coach 1, and, as we set off, Miss Brothwell, checked, doubled checked and tripled checked that all were on board. As the kids were waved off by their parents, I was expecting a bit of a meltdown inside the coach but it's safe to say that was more applicable outside of the coach judging by the sea of sobbing parents! Clear instructions were provided to the children including the essentials such as when they could start devouring their sweets. I sat with the masses near the back of the coach. I think we must have got as far as Duxford roundabout when the children in close vicinity started to ask the questions that all parents travelling in a car on their travels will be familiar with "Are we nearly there?"...."How long now?", although they also threw into the mix "Can we have our sweets yet, Mr Bonley?"

During the journey, I was given a comprehensive pack by Mrs Williams which included information about the groups I would be overseeing for the duration of the school trip. I would be looking after 12 kids for the activities (a mixture of boys and girls) as well as managing a dorm featuring two rooms of 6 boys in each. The pack also highlighted any important information (such as medical requirements) about any child within mine or the wider group.

Once we arrived, we had lunch and the children were given clear instructions about the rest of the day. When the teachers read out the rooms lists, the vast majority of the children greeted the announcements with mini fist pumps and hugs. I must say, how Greneway manage this process is rather impressive and a bit of a thankless task (well done Mrs Peters!), such is the erratic nature of child friendships! They all settled into their rooms and they were then split into the activity groups before our first activity began. Thankfully there were no water based activities on the first day so all children were already dressed appropriately.  All activities took 90 mins and there was a 20 minute break in between activities.

After the first two sessions and dinner, it was time for the first post activities debrief which includes the teachers/helpers nominating their stars of the session/s. Prizes are awarded for things including excellence, teamwork, good attitude - all the qualities that are associated with the Greneway ethos. Sometimes an award can be thrown into the mix for a child's hilarity! It's a great way for the children to recognise their fantastic achievements and good behaviour. This was repeated at the end of every day and was also a good time to keep in check things like lights out and point out appropriate ways to behave.

Understandably the children were a little bit excitable on the first night so we all gave them a bit of leeway with lights out.

The week then played out with five activities a day on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then two on Friday. There were also three substantial meals a day to keep the children fully charged.

The clothes lists that were provided by the school prior to the trip were invaluable. It was impossible to predict the weather - the first two days were quite cool and we had bright warm weather on Wednesday & Thursday. The amount of watersports on offer also added another layer of uncertainty in terms of what to wear. Most of the children arrived on time and suitably dressed for all activities. Considering that this is the first or longest time they had spent away from home it was rather impressive. Some didn't even smell that bad by the end of the week and there were rumours that some had brushed their teeth on a regular basis.

Considering that the trip is physically tiring and sleep quality is reduced, the behaviour of the children throughout was exceptional. There weren't major flare ups or confrontations. They were all incredibly supportive of each other, especially during the activities. During break times they would engage themselves with football or other games. There were a couple of bumps and scrapes (although nothing serious) but that has to be expected on a trip such as this.

The instructors were very well trained and, in the main, were very engaging and great with the kids. One or two were a little bit too worried about the consequences of the overbearing eye of health and safety which meant things like the obstacle course could have been more exciting than it was.

The activity centre itself was very impressive and security of the children was paramount. The lake was particularly impressive and a wonderful environment for the water sports which was definitely the highlight of the trip. The children were very lucky to experience something like that at such a young age and even through it wasn't a cheap trip, I can assure you that the children got full value for money and experienced memories that they will have for their life times.

You may have heard that, unfortunately, a handful of children (5 in total) suffered from a sickness bug which was very unpleasant for those involved (including the parents who came to pick them up). However, when you consider there were 92 children on the trip, it could have been a lot, lot worse. Luckily it all happened on the last night, and I must say the teachers and other helpers on the trip were deeply concerned but dealt with it in a devoted, efficient and caring way. They also ensured that the rooms affected were cleaned, disinfected and, where necessary, other children were put in a safer environment. This obviously tainted the trip slightly but I hope the children and parents that suffered from this experience will be heartened by what they/their children experienced and achieved on this magical trip.

When you see the children having the time of their lives at a place like that and see the dedication, energy, planning and care all the adults put into supporting the children I'd like to thank them all sincerely otherwise it just would not happen without them. Our children are very lucky indeed.

When we arrived back at Greneway on Friday afternoon and saw some of the parents again, I was the one with the wry smile on my face and had once again been lucky enough to share an absolutely priceless experience with my daughter. It's just a shame I won't be experiencing it again.

Thank you very much to all the helpers who volunteer to give up a week to accompany our school journeys: your help is invaluable.

Tuesday 16th May

A reminder that all pupils need to have headphones with them in school at all times as they are used frequently in lessons.  They will be used in the next week by year 5 and 8 for their GLAssessments. All pupils were given a new pair of earbud headphones at the start of the year.  Replacements can be purchased from the school stationery shop for £1.00.

Wednesday 17th May

France Parents’ meeting
Parents, carers and staff met this week to discuss final arrangements for the French School Journey which takes place on the week beginning Monday 12th June.  Anyone who missed the meeting can see the presentation on the school website on the parents’ page.

Thursday 18th May
Allotment News
Pupils have been busy on the school allotment over the last few weeks.  Herbs, pumpkins, butternut squash and onions are among the many crops that have been planted.  The seedlings are all doing well - it looks like we could be in for a bumper crop this year.

Friday 19th May

FoGS Film Night
Pupils are eagerly awaiting tonight’s Hot Dog and Film night.  Year 5 - 7 will be watching The BFG and year 8 Fantastic Beasts.  Our thanks must go to FoGS for organising this fun event for the pupils.

Book of the Week
If you enjoy….spooky mysteries

The gates to Frost Hollow Hall loomed before us. They were great tall things, the ironwork all twisted leaves and queer-looking flowers. And they were very definitely shut. Tilly's heart sinks, Will's dared her to come ice-skating up at Frost Hollow Hall. No one goes near the place these days. Rumour has it that the house is haunted...Ten years ago the young heir, Kit Barrington, drowned there in the lake. But Tilly never turns down a dare. Then it goes horribly wrong. The ice breaks, Tilly falls through and almost drowns. At the point of death, a beautiful angel appears in the water and saves her. Kit Barrington's ghost. Kit needs Tilly to solve the mystery of his death, so that his spirit can rest in peace. In order to discover all she can, Tilly gets work as a maid at Frost Hollow Hall. But the place makes her flesh crawl. It's all about the dead here, she's told, and in the heart of the house she soon discovers all manner of dark secrets.

This was Emma Carroll’s debut book and is a deliciously spooky tale with a mystery to solve.  She has since gone on to write several other spine tingling stories.  Suitable for all year groups.